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For a company to achieve process improvement, collaborative team effort will be required in all operations and steps, which is what Lean Six Sigma focuses on while removing waste and eliminating variations. Lean Six Sigma is not new nor a method that companies have been implementing for the last few years only.

Instead, you will discover its origins come from the 1980s and since then, it has been one of the most relevant and effective process improvement methodologies. What has led most companies to implement it is the focus on solving problems but also working for the customers and their requirements, which leads to obtaining valuable products and services.

LSS Kansas Services

If you are a company that needs more efficient, productive, and faster processes, Six Sigma is the answer to all the objectives and problems. But its integration will require enough experts who understand its principles, concepts, objectives, tools, and additional methods within the methodology itself.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Kansas, we strive to provide you with services that can cover your needs in terms of implementing Sigma but also learning about it. Although the implementation can take place within a company or organization only, any person can learn how it works and starts working in an LSS team by fulfilling a specific role.

Therefore, not only companies require our services but also individuals who are aiming to learn about the methodology and access Lean Six Sigma courses that bring value to their resumes and increase work opportunities. But how in specific do we help you? It depends on the goal you have and if the service you are looking for is for your company or your personal growth.

How to Learn Lean Six Sigma

If what you are striving for is the possibility to understand and interpret the methodology, our Lean Six Sigma courses are the solution. For both companies and particulars, the training and programs are available since there are no requirements that limit your assistance or the possibility to apply for the service.

From all the options we offer, you must know the Six Sigma training is divided into different belts or levels.

Our team works with the yellow, green, and black belts only, which means you can access LSS training based on these three levels alone:

Our experts will focus on teaching you the basics about Lean and Six Sigma, which are the two methodologies that build the entire Lean Six Sigma method. Also, we want you to learn about its principles, concepts, objectives, and main tools that help companies to achieve process improvement by removing waste and reducing variations.

Once this yellow belt training is completed, the person can work as a data analyst, in collecting data, measuring processes and projects, and supervising very small tasks within the LSS team.

We take the essentials and basics about Lean Six Sigma and focus on teaching you how to implement the methodology in any organization. Our team will have a special focus on the 6 Sigma stages and how you can use specific tools to identify problems, find their sources, and solve them. By the time you finish, starting and managing projects will be the main roles.

A black belt expert should be able to supervise, coach, teach and lead every team member within the company and LSS project. For this, a full understanding of the methodology and its philosophies is required, and also develop leadership and problem-solving skills.

For individuals and companies, we can provide full training in all the previous belts while they also request other Six Sigma services. With that said, we have in-person and online courses that allow anyone to learn the methodology without assisting our offices or dedicating specific time to travel to a place in the city.


How to Use Lean Six Sigma in A Company?

The methodology has a five-step method to improve processes by finding problems with unknown causes. This method is known as DMAIC and companies who need to follow it in order to use Lean Six Sigma correctly will require experts for the task. This is when two options are available:

Lean Six Sigma Consulting: our experts will help you to implement the methodology by following DMAIC, using Six Sigma tools, and focusing on the main objectives. At the same time, our Lean Six Sigma consultants can train your workers in different levels that correspond to the role they will fulfill within the team and company. For the second option, companies can decide to train their workers from the beginning to build a team that will take of the implementation.

However, this can take more time and resources if the organization is trying to implement Lean Six Sigma as soon as possible. Regardless of the option you choose, you can rely on us, and rest assured our team will be able to follow the 5 steps: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

Additional Lean Six Sigma Services in Kansas

Once training is complete, people can opt for a Lean Six Sigma certification in the belt they got trained in. For this, our certification service is available for people who get trained with us but also those that want to request the exam to get certified.

This means you can contact us for your Six Sigma certification even if you did not get trained with our experts but the service will be different for those that were with us since the beginning. Finally, we have additional solutions that focus on those that are starting with 6 Sigma and high school students that can obtain benefits from it:

  • Introduction to what is Lean Six Sigma. We will provide you with the basic concepts and philosophies of the methodology so you are able to understand and interpret it. This Lean course can be taken as an in-person or online option program.
  • Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students. Every person can obtain benefits from learning about Sigma, including high school students. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Kansas, we have created yellow and green belt training options for high school students who are interested in the methodology or want to add value to their curriculums.

This will help them to have more career and college options as well as be valuable for any company if they decide to strive for a career based on Six Sigma alone.

Does Lean Six Sigma Expire?

Not quite. When a person gets trained in the methodology and obtains his or her certification, it will not expire. However, it may be necessary to get re-certified after a few years, or if the company the expert decides to work with requests a certification that was issued no longer than 3 or 5 years. Also, it depends from whom you get your certification.

Ours do not expire and you can always add your training, experience, and Lean Six Sigma certification to your resume without any issues. With that said, all our services will provide you long-term solutions that will be valuable for your company or your personal growth for decades.

To access any of them, you only need to contact us from any city in Kansas and let us know what you have in mind and what you need.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.