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Businesses and organizations need to focus on process improvement in order to achieve positive results and guarantee they stay competitive in the industry. This is why Lean Six Sigma consulting services are so requested and popular nowadays.

The Lean 6 Sigma methodology is the most effective and used process improvement methodology among companies in Kansas and the U.S. The main reason lies in its principles and how a 5-step Six Sigma method helps to achieve improvement by reducing waste and eliminating variations.

LSS Kansas -Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Companies that want to work with it need to find experts that are able to not only understand the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies individually but also implement LSS in their businesses. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Kansas, we have 6 Sigma consultants who are able to deliver all the assistance and help you need with the implementation.

We guarantee you that our consultants are not only well-trained and experienced but also know how to work with any company in need of the methodology. Since 6 Sigma can be integrated into any business as long as the right tools and methods are used, it is crucial to have a full understanding of all the elements but also get to know the company’s objectives and problems. Our Six Sigma consultants will work towards the implementation based on why you need it in the first place.

By doing so, there will be a focus on controlling production quality and prioritizing customer requirements. We want to ensure you are able to achieve process improvement by following the principles and steps of Six Sigma.

How to Know If You Need Lean Six Sigma Consultants

Companies have three options when it comes to working with Six Sigma: rent, hire, or develop. These three options are based on how they can work towards achieving results. Renting focuses on what a Lean Six Sigma consultant means: having an expert that can deliver results and guide you through the entire process if necessary, along with training part of a company’s employees.

But we do have to point out something about consultants: they will not be dedicated to your company alone. A Lean Six Sigma consultant’s role is to establish the team, projects, and achieve results, but it is not a permanent worker for your business since it is already part of our experts. Meanwhile, hiring means you will have an expert that will work for your company alone and focus on its implementation and integrating the methodology properly.

But when choosing an expert and hiring his or her talent, you need to make sure the person will be able to fulfill different roles since there is no company that starts with an entire team, especially when it does not have the budget for it. Finally, developing talent is what most organizations in Kansas choose when they have the time for it.

Developing focuses on training workers from a company and preparing them to be part of an LSS team. The issue with this is that companies do not always have enough time to train their employees and guarantee they will achieve the desired results with the experience they gain in the methodology. So, by knowing this, when do you need to rely on Six Sigma consultants?


If you are an organization that needs results as soon as possible and feels confident they will be obtained without any problems or obstacles, consultants are the best option. Also, it is possible to start developing your own talent in the methodology by requesting the consultants you hire to train your workers.

Our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Kansas offers this option when you decide to go for our consulting services. Therefore, when relying on us, you can expect our 6 Sigma consultants to achieve different objectives:

  • Maintaining customer retention.
  • Focusing on customers’ needs and requirements to deliver valuable products and services.
  • Eliminate all forms of waste.
  • Reduce variations.
  • Control production and maintain changes achieved with the methodology.
  • Train workers or employees in the methodology to help the company develop their own talent and build an LSS team.

Why Choose Our Lean Six Sigma Consultants?

In Kansas, you will discover that many companies offer their consulting services when it comes to Six Sigma. This means you have a wide variety of options to choose from and instead of worrying about where you will find consultants you need to think about who are the best ones. With this in mind, why would you decide to work with us and have our Six Sigma consultants handling your needs?

We have several reasons to give you:

  • Every consultant in our company has experience with different industries and companies.
  • Our consultants are properly trained and qualified to take on the tasks according to their belt training and roles but also fulfill others when necessary.
  • We are responsible and will not disappoint in achieving process improvement.
  • We do not follow general programs or steps. If your company needs Six Sigma, we will develop a plan that adjusts to its needs and objectives to decide what tools are the best to use.
  • You can hire our Lean Six Sigma consultants in less than 24 hours.
  • We deliver services to Kansas City, Wichita, and throughout the state.
  • Every consultant has a different rate and we will find you the one that adjusts better to your budget and needs without sacrificing the quality of the results.
  • There are no strings attached when requesting a quote or letting us know your doubts about Six Sigma.

We have built our reputation over the last decade and we are confident our consulting services are what you need to finally start improving processes in your company. Now, if you are just looking for guidance and some recommendations, you do not have to hire our consultants for a full-time position.

They are able to deliver advice and help you step-by-step depending on where you are at with the methodology and what you need from them. Feel confident to rely on us and let our team know when and where you want us to start.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.