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Training is one of the steps to be able to work with Lean Six Sigma in a company of your choice since certification is also required to demonstrate your compliance and understanding of the methodology. People in Kansas who have invested their time and resources in getting Lean Six Sigma training still need to get their certifications.

Depending on the belt training they accessed and completed, different exams and certifications will be available. But before getting there, it is required to find authorized and known companies that can provide you with a certification that is worth your money and time.

LSS Kansas -Lean Six Sigma Certification

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Kansas, we have been working with certifications for over a decade and it is due to the Six Sigma training options we also offer. Since many individuals are trying to be recognized in the belt training they completed, we have made sure to add the option to get certified to anyone who completes our 6 Sigma courses. However, people who have gotten trained by other experts or companies or need re-certification can also rely on us to obtain what they need.

Now, the most common question we are asked in any city in Kansas is if a Lean Six Sigma certification is necessary. Putting aside the need of demonstrating compliance and understanding of the methodology to fulfill a role you were trained for, the certification brings more benefits by itself. Any individual with a Lean Six Sigma certification regardless of the belt or level it is, will have more career options, add value to a curriculum, and better salary options. And these are only a few of the benefits that come from it. With this clear, you need to determine what certification you need and if you can obtain it with us.

What Lean Six Sigma Certification Is the Best?

This question covers two areas: if the company you are getting certified with issues a valuable certification and the specific belt certification you are obtaining in terms of the training you accessed. Focusing on the belt certification, the decision lies in your goals and needs. When a person decides to take Lean Six Sigma training, he or she needs to decide the specific level, which is better known as belts.

In our company, we focus on the main 3: yellow, green and black. The Six Sigma yellow belt includes the basics about the methodology, its tools, how it can be implemented and helps to understand the basics about data collecting and measuring projects and processes.

The green belt focuses on how LSS projects start and are managed and how the expert can implement them in an organization to achieve process improvement.

Finally, the black belt training aims to develop leadership and problem-solving skills in the person and guarantee he or she has a full understanding of the method and its tools to decide the ones that will work better in a situation. According to the training, the expert also fulfills different roles:

  • Yellow belts are data analysts, measure processes, and report issues while also helping with problem-solving.
  • Green belts start and manage projects while also starting to fulfill more leadership roles.
  • Black belts are the leaders, coaches, mentors, and teachers of an entire team within the company and LSS group.

With this information, you will ask yourself: who do I want to be?


If you have personal goals that aim to climb in a company and fulfill leadership roles, you will need to choose either green or belt training and with them, the certification based on the level. While small roles and the objective of adding value to your resume can be achieved with yellow belt training and its corresponding certification. There is no such thing as “the best” certification but rather what goes better with your needs and goals.

With this clear, let’s focus on the company that issues your certification. You indeed have to obtain it from not only an authorized one but rather an organization that is renowned in the state or country you live in. In our case, the Lean Six Sigma certifications we issue are valuable and compete with the ASQ ones. Therefore, they are a good option and we are confident you will not need re-certification when having one issued by our experts.

Can You Get Lean Six Sigma Certified Online?

Due to the current conditions with the pandemic and difficulties for people to visit a place to take an exam, we have decided to create our online option. This means that when it comes to us, you can get your Lean Six Sigma certification by taking an online exam. We will have experts supervising it remotely and making sure you focus on it.

Now, we still have our in-person or traditional option available for anyone in Kansas that wants to visit our offices and take it. But if you feel more comfortable with the online option, you are welcome to schedule a date and our team will make sure you take your exam that day. Once you complete it, we will take between 24 to 48 hours to determine if you approved and issue the certification in the next few days if so. The same applies to our in-person option.

Does Six Sigma Certification Increase Salary?

Many benefits come from obtaining a Six Sigma certification and we mentioned a few before. But if there is one we have to point out that is definitely the option for a better salary. Be it a yellow, green, or black belt certification, individuals can expect a better salary for their work.

Since companies need experts in this methodology, they are valuable for any business and well-paid in order to deliver their services and provide knowledge. A yellow belt certification can guarantee you around $66,000 every year. A green belt can go up to $90,000 and black belt experts are able to earn between $100,000 and $126,000.

This is why it is fair to say that certification in it will definitely increase your salary and make it ten times more worth it.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.